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SHAKKA X BRUN. Body Glow Oil: Behind the Ingredients

Ready, Set, Glow!

Whether you prefer to fake it or make it – our BRUN. range will have you covered to provide some the deepest, healthiest and most natural looking glowing tan.

It’s no science to know sunshine has its benefits. When done in moderation and applying appropriate SPF protection, time in the sun can be extremely beneficial to your skin and overall health. As plants need the sunshine, so do humans. When the skin is exposed to the sun, it creates vitamin D.

All our oils are vegan and are made using microbiome friendly ingredients. Although our oils do not contain SPF, it is recommended SPF be applied prior to sun exposure.

Here are some of the key ingredients that you will find in our BRUN. range and the benefits they hold:

Sunflower Seed Oil:

Ironically a main ingredient in our Sun Glow Oil is from the Sunflower seed. Rich in vitamin E sunflower oil has antioxidants that help with premature aging and wrinkles, this ingredient has been included to ensure your skin looks young and fresh from day one of applying BRUN.

Almond Oil:

Naturally jam packed full of skin loving vitamins such as Vitamin E, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. Almond oil is incredibly soothing and has been proven to conceivably prevent the spread of stretch marks.

Buriti Fruit Oil:

What we consider a miracle natural ingredient which we pack into our oils. A rich source of Vitamin A and E, Buriti oil helps in collagen production, again reduces the signs of aging but also blemishes while restoring the skins elasticity.

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