The result of a lifetime spent chasing sun rays.

Carefully created essentials designed for an endless summer skin glow. Conceived by the sea, residing in the sun – SHAKKA gives you a little slice of the Australian Summer we all long for.

Born and bred by the beaches of Sunshine Coast, it goes without saying SHAKKA has been inspired by the sunshine.

The philosophy behind SHAKKA is to have everyone feeling good all the time.

Growing up in a coastal town it is difficult to imagine your life without the beach, spending copious amounts of time baking on the sand, Holly Ogden, owner and founder of SHAKKA, came to realise how much of a difference a tan makes you feel, physically and mentally.

From here our BRUN. range were developed. The intention behind this range is to support those sun chasers and non-sun chasers by creating an oil which can be used every day and, in the sun, to create a long-lasting healthy glow.


Understanding not everyone is a lover sun kissed skin, SHAKKA endeavours to have something for everyone – an exclusive selection of boutique beach essentials designed to travel with you everywhere.